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Why Fátima Lopes?
Driven by an unparalleled passion, innovation and uncompromising quality are the hallmarks of Fátima Lopes. 

Is it safe to purchase on Fátima Lopes  website?
All transactions and payment processes are done via our provider, Easypay, who ensures safety and reliability  by most advanced encryption technologies. Please note we do not keep your payment card details.

What is the price policy?
The prices are subject to change without prior notice. Depending on your delivery country, the prices may already include taxes. Also, our prices don´t include importing customs duties that may be needed to be paid outside of European Union. Please check the information below:

Portugal for shipping till 2 Kgs:


Madeira & Azores for shipping till 2 Kgs:


Europe for shipping till 2 Kgs:


Zone/Price for shipping till 2 Kgs:
Zone 2  - €23,00
Zone 3 - €26,50
Zone 4 - €27,50
Zone 401 - €38,00
Zone 402 - €39,00
Zone 5 - €34,00
Zone 51 - €35,00
Zone 6 - €35,00
Zone 7 - €51,00
Zone 8 - €51,00
Zone 9 - €54,00

Country/Zone List:

Afghanistan (zone 9)
Albania (zone 7)
Algeria (zone 7)
American Samoa (zone 9)
Andorra (zone 5)
Angola (zone 9)
Anguilla (zone 9)
Antigua (zone 9)
Argentina (zone 8)
Armenia (zone 9)
Aruba (zone 9)
Australia (zone 8)
Azerbaijan (zone 9)
Bahamas (zone 9)
Bahrain (zone 8)
Bangladesh (zone 9)
Barbados (zone 9)
Barbuda (zone 9)
Belarus (zone 7)
Belize (zone 9)
Benin (zone 9)
Bermuda (zone 9)
Bhutan (zone 9)
Bolivia (zone 9)
Bonaire (zone 9)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (zone 7)
Botswana (zone 9)
Brazil (zone 7)
British Virgin Islands (zone 9)
Brunei (zone 9)
Burkina Faso (zone 9)
Burma (zone 9)
Burundi (zone 9)
Cambodia (zone 9)
Canada (zone 6)
Cape Verde Islands (zone 8)
Cayman Islands (zone 9)
Central African Republic (zone 9)
Ceuta (zone 5)
Chad (zone 9)
Channel Islands (Guernsey) (zone 5)
Channel Islands (Jersey) (zone 5)
Chile (zone 8)
China (zone 8)
Colombia (zone 9)
Comoros (zone 9)
Congo (Brazzaville) (zone 9)
Congo (Democratic Republic of) (zone 9)
Cook Islands (zone 9)
Costa Rica (zone 9)
Curacao (zone 9)
Djibouti (zone 9)
Dominica (zone 9)
Dominican Republic (zone 9)
East Timor (zone 9)
Egypt (zone 8)
El Salvador (zone 9)
Equator 9)
Equatorial Guinea (zone 9)
Eritrea (zone 9)
Ethiopia (zone 9)
Faroe Islands (zone 5)
Fiji (zone 9)
French Guiana (zone 9)
French Polynesia (zone 9)
Gabon (zone 8)
Gambia (zone 9)
Gaza Strip and Sisjordânia (zone 8)
Georgia (zone 9)
Ghana (zone 9)
Gibralter region 5)
Granada (zone 9)
Greenland region 5)
Guadalupe (zone 9)
Guam (zone 9)
Guatemala (zone 9)
Guinea (zone 9)
Guinea-Bissau (zone 8)
Guyana (zone 9)
Haiti (zone 9)
Honduras (zone 9)
Hong Kong (zone 8)
Iceland region 5)
India (zone 8)
Indonesia (zone 8)
Iraq (zone 8)
Israel (zone 8)
Ivory Coast Section 9)
Jamaica (zone 9)
Japan (zone 8)
Jordan (zone 8)
Kazakhstan (zone 7)
Kenya (zone 9)
Kiribati (zone 9)
Korea (zone 8)
Kosovo (zone 7)
Kosrae (zone 9)
Kuwait (zone 8)
Kyrgyzstan (zone 7)
Laos (zone 9)
Lebanon (zone 8)
Lesotho (zone 9)
Liberia (zone 9)
Libyan (zone 7)
Liechtenstein (zone 51)
Lithuania (zone 402)
Macau (zone 9)
Macedonia (zone 7)
Madagascar (zone 9)
Malawi (zone 9)
Malaysia (zone 8)
Maldives (zone 9)
Mali (zone 9)
Malta (zone 402)
Marshall Islands (zone 9)
Martinique (zone 9)
Mauritania (zone 8)
Mauritius (zone 9)
Mayotte (zone 9)
Meeting (zone 9)
Melilla (zone 8)
Mexico region 8)
Micronesia, Federated States (zone 9)
Moldova (zone 7)
Monaco (zone 3)
Mongolia (zone 9)
Montenegro (zone 7)
Montserrat (zone 9)
Morocco (zone 7)
Mozambique (zone 7)
Namibia (zone 9)
Nepal (zone 9)
Nevis (St Kitts-Nevis) (zone 9)
New Caledonia (zone 9)
New Zealand (zone 8)
Nicaragua (zone 9)
Niger (zone 9)
Nigeria (zone 8)
Northern Mariana Islands (zone 9)
Norway (zone 51)
Oman (zone 9)
Pakistan (zone 9)
Palau (zone 9)
Panama (zone 9)
Papua New Guinea (zone 9)
Paraguay (zone 9)
Peru (zone 8)
Philippines (zone 8)
Pohnpei (Federated States of Micronesia) (zone 9)
Puerto Rico (zone 6)
Qatar (zone 9)
Rota (Northern Mariana Islands) (zone 9)
Russia (101000-453999) (zone 7)
Russia (460000-619999) (zone 7)
Russia (other destinations) (zone 8)
Rwanda (zone 9)
Saba (zone 9)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (zone 9)
Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands) (zone 9)
Samoa (zone 9)
San Eustáqio (zone 9)
San Marino region 5)
Santa Lucia (zone 9)
Saudi Arabia (zone 8)
Senegal (zone 8)
Serbia (zone 7)
Seychelles (zone 9)
Shrimps (zone 8)
Sierra Leone (zone 9)
Singapore (zone 8)
Sisjordânia and Gaza Strip (zone 8)
Šo Bartholomew (zone 9)
Solomon Islands (zone 9)
South Africa (zone 8)
Sri lanka (zone 9)
St Maarten (zone 9)
St Martin (Guadeloupe) (zone 9)
St. Christopher (St. Kitts-Nevis)
St. Croix (US Virgin Islands) (zone 9)
St. John (US Virgin Islands) (zone 9)
St. Kits (Saint Kitts) (zone 9)
St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) (zone 9)
Suriname (zone 9)
Swaziland (zone 9)
Switzerland (zone 51)
Tahiti (zone 9)
Taiwan (zone 8)
Tajikistan (zone 7)
Tanzania (zone 9)
Thailand (zone 8)
Tinian (Northern Mariana Islands) (zone 9)
Togo (zone 9)
Tonga (zone 9)
Tortola (British Virgin Islands) (zone 9)
Trinidad and Tobago (zone 9)
Truk (Federated States of Micronesia) (zone 9)
Tunisia (zone 8)
Turkey (zone 7)
Turkmenistan (zone 7)
Turks and Caicos Islands (zone 9)
Tuvalu (zone 9)
UAE (zone 8)
Uganda (zone 9)
Ukraine (zone 7)
Union Island (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) (zone 9)
United States (zone 5)
Uruguay (zone 9)
US Virgin Islands (zone 9)
Uzbekistan (zone 7)
Vanuatu (zone 9)
Venezuela (zone 8)
Vietnam (zone 9)
Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands) (zone 9)
Wallis and Futuna (zone 9)
Yap (Federated States of Micronesia) (zone 9)
Yemen, Republic (zone 9)
Zambia (zone 9)
Zimbabwe (zone 9)


Orders & shipment, how will it be processed?
All the orders at our site will be send using UPS, except for the Portuguese territory  that will be made  by MRW.
After placing an order, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgment.
This will be followed by another e-mail, once we have verified your payment details and approved your order for shipping. 
A new e-mail will be send with the delivery status and the tracking number, or in the event of a problem, an e-mail detailing the issue.

How much time until i receive the products?

We make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible, but for some orders the delivery time may reach maximum 15 days.
We analyze all orders as soon as they are placed and if we see that the delivery time may exceed more than usual, we will inform you promptly.

Fátima Lopes products are covered under warranty against manufacturing defects only. The warranty period applies from the date of purchase and is valid for 30 days.
The liability of Fátima Lopes is limited to the cost of repair and/or replacement of the product under warranty with a same model or a similar one. Warranty is also invalidated if unauthorized persons carry out any alterations and/or repairs.

Forms of Payment
Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit Cards can be used safely via the Easypay gateway worldwide.
In Portugal Multibanco & MBWay can also be used,  safely via the Easypay gateway.
All your payment details are send encrypted with Easypay , to ensure safety and reliability.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so if you have any issue or our product does not meet your expectations, we accept returns within 15 days from receiving your order to return.

Return Policy
To return a product, it must be in new condition, with no signs of customer use. Original sales package and all items included must be returned in excellent condition. If you return any product to us, please obtain a Proof of Posting receipt from the Post Office. You must return any item using the original invoice supplied with your product.
We don´t accept parcels sent by "on delivery" payment methods.

The refund is made by the same means of payment or bank transfer. Shipping charges to our address are payable by the client, these are refundable if the item is damaged, defective, or if you have received an item different than requested, and the same is received in normal post. The refund will only be made after a technical check of the condition of the product and verifying compliance with the conditions described above.

Exchanges will be made only by a product of the same model and the same price. If the product is not available at the time the change is made, you will be given a discount code with the value of the returned goods and delivery charges
(if you have them paid initially).

Customs Duty

We ship from Europe (Portugal). If you are in European Union this does not apply, but if you are returning a product and you don´t live in European Union, to avoid paying customs duty a second time, please stick a label "Returned Goods - Failed Sale" to the outside of the box that you will return.